Our Huge Party

Have you ever had a party and planned for a specific number of people but more came? That was Thursday for the education team. We introduced the mobile libraries to two communities and also had literacy activities to do with the children. We hoped we’d have 40 people and were prepared for 70. The first … Continue reading Our Huge Party

New tricks

by Iyad Saleh The surgery team in La Dalia completed 16 surgeries Tuesday and haven’t slowed down! The team was prepared to have laparoscopic equipment available but found that it did not work well. As our teams quickly learn the best thing to pack on a trip is flexibility! The team did 7 open gall … Continue reading New tricks

Red Hens, Bras, and Surgery

The Sweetest of People by Mikaela Schlesinger This trip has already been so amazing from the beautiful scenery, delicious and overly plentiful food, and the inspiring work we have been doing.  The team has been great and everyone is always eager to help or learn about all the things happening here.  It’s been awesome seeing Connie … Continue reading Red Hens, Bras, and Surgery

Day One: Success

by Quinn Seston After a long day of travel, my bed was too comfortable for an early alarm, but after a few snooze buttons and a great breakfast, Dr. Richard Strauss and I made it to the Regional Hospital here in Matagalpa for their morning lecture at 7 am.  The 10 minute drive there was … Continue reading Day One: Success

Adios for now…

by Jamie Hansbery This years trip was awesome! We had so many hardworking people on our team. The days were busy and started early but everyone did so well and really worked hard all week! We went to four different sites throughout the week and saw  over one hundred patients every day. Our sites this … Continue reading Adios for now…

Centro Escolar Maximo Napoleon Baldelomar

by McKenzie Shappell Minutes from the city center of Matagalpa, set into a small plateau in the otherwise ascending terrain, is CEMNB. For clarification, see the title above. Its dirt and concrete courtyard are framed by three small but well-maintained school buildings, comprised of seven school rooms, a library, restrooms, and office space. The Nicaraguan … Continue reading Centro Escolar Maximo Napoleon Baldelomar