Nicaragua Packing Night

Join Global Partners in wishing the Nicaragua March volunteers safe travels as they prepare for their adventure starting this Sunday, March 12th! These photos are from the packing night, where the team packs ALL the supplies they will be bringing to Nicaragua. This team will focus on… Cervical cancer early detection and treatment training Ultrasound … Continue reading Nicaragua Packing Night

We have power!

By Rachel Albrecht (Miller) The power went back on last night around 8pm so after a good dinner, we were able to spend some time hanging out with the team.  Some of us went to the local ice cream shop and tried different ice cream flavors . . . the blueberry/lavender was a hit! We loaded up … Continue reading We have power!

Incredible 1st Day!

By Rachel Albrecht (Miller) Today was our first day of work and the team hit the ground running!  We arrived at the clinic at 7:45 and it only took about 30 minutes to organize and set up 8 stations. The patients start out at registration, then get both their distance and near visions checked, then onto … Continue reading Incredible 1st Day!

We made it!

By Rachel Albrecht (Miller) Hello from the Nica team!  We had a very good first full day here.  We loaded up early and made it to Matagalpa by early afternoon.  We did make a pit stop in Sebaco to see the fruit market (see below). Once we arrived in Matagalpa, we spent quite some time … Continue reading We made it!

We are on our way!

By Rachel Albrecht (Miller) It was an early morning for the Nicaragua team!  We met at Gundersen at 2:15 am to meet our shuttle to the airport.  It was a bit chilly, but we knew we had warmer temperatures to look forward to. The forecast for Managua is in the 80s!  It was a chilly ride … Continue reading We are on our way!

Traveling to La Dalia

By Mark Zellmer   Saturday morning we had the privilege of traveling an hour and a half on steep, winding mountain roads from Matagalpa to La Dalia.  We were hosted by the Dean of the Matagalpa Campus of National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN-Matagalpa) and nursing faculty member and Global Partners friend, Miguel. There we … Continue reading Traveling to La Dalia

Today in Matagalpa

By Ellen Johnson Today was our 3rd day of teaching Babies First Minute and adult CPR to nursing students at UNAN, the Autonomous University of Nicaragua.  What a joy!!  Such enthusiasm, energy, interest and excitement in this group of students!  Nursing students in Nicaragua are in their program for 5 years, then leave school to work … Continue reading Today in Matagalpa