On our way!

Well, tomorrow we will be on our way to Nicaragua. It seems both like we have been planning this forever and that it came up really fast! We have our surgical supplies for the vascular team, the Helping Babies Breathe kits and supplies, and lots of information and plans to move our Community Development and … Continue reading On our way!

On our way home

Today we head home. Yesterday morning we finished up our visits with our partners in Matagalpa and made our way towards Managua. As always we stopped for coffee at La Esperanza and then drove to Masaya so people could shop a bit at the market. A small group also decided to go to the volcano … Continue reading On our way home

Catching Up

Hi all! Besides not having much time, the blog site has not been so cooperative, so I apologize for not ¬†catching up sooner. The last couple of days of work have been phenomenal as has been the entire week. The Helping Babies Breathe team has had some great classes, the teachers are delighted with how … Continue reading Catching Up

Day 1 of work

Good morning! Well, after a variety of mishaps with vehicle issues, changing out 2 of our 3 SUV’s and a problem with Marcos’ van, we did make it to Matagalpa by about 1:30pm. We all checked in, unloaded and then a group quickly gathered to go to Selva Negra. About half the group decided to … Continue reading Day 1 of work

We’re here!

Hi all! Team 2 has made it to Nicaragua. Despite everything that could go wrong, with some folks on the shuttle, some not, the 3am meeting time at the airport, possible overweight suitcases, etc. all went without a hitch. No problems with either flight. I can’t, however say the same for team one, poor things. … Continue reading We’re here!

Made it to Nica!

Hello from Nicaragua! The week 1 June 2013 group made it to Nicaragua safely after an interesting ride to the airport in bad storms. We missed the earthquake by only a couple hours! People at our hotel in Managua said they could feel the tremors. Yesterday we had a good day getting to Matagalpa, going … Continue reading Made it to Nica!