Coming Full Circle

Rose Wolbrink Yesterday we stayed in Matagalpa and helped at the Fara Clinic, which provides free care.  Global Partners has been connected with this clinic for years.  What a fantastic staff! As we walked into the lobby we saw close to 100 women lined up for care. I caught the eye of a middle aged … Continue reading Coming Full Circle

Harvest Time

Rose Wolbrink Another fantastic day in Nicaragua! We drove further out, set up our PVC/curtain rooms and saw 70 women. They came in groups, some walking 15 minutes, many a couple hours; one group crossed a couple rivers, and brought a change of clothes. Being clean and well groomed is very important to them. Many … Continue reading Harvest Time

What is a Library?

Jennifer Brunk What is a library? It sounds like a question we might ask school children in the United States, but the answer is more complicated than you might think.  As we work to create community libraries in Nicaragua, I am continually reminded of the depth of cultural and professional knowledge that create a valuable … Continue reading What is a Library?

Continuity of Care

by Noreen Rem Greetings from the Orthopedic/Podiatry brigade from Esteli, Nicaragua!!! Our first day here we saw about 50 patient consults in half a day. We wasted no time getting to the operating room.  Our first case started about 4:30 pm Monday afternoon, it was a tibial plateau fracture, followed by a complete ankle fusion and … Continue reading Continuity of Care

Solamente una más…

  By Dr. Dana Benden Our first day in Matagalpa took the cervical team to Clínica Fara.  We arrived to a waiting room full of patients.  We saw three women with advanced cervical cancer in our first 30 minutes.  And many more women to follow patiently waiting for their treatment. It is clear that our … Continue reading Solamente una más…