Simon Says

3 thoughts on “Simon Says”

  1. What a beautiful reminder of our role to not only teach but to also learn from our partners! Thank you for sharing this meaningful reflection with us. Valuing the creativity and resourcefulness of our global neighbors is such an important piece of partnership!

  2. Well written, Jenny! I know I will now play Simon Says differently than I was taught – much more stimulating and fun! Thanks for the reminders to all of us in your post! Judy G

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  3. Jenny – thanks for sharing the story and the pictures. I recognize some of the kiddos from my trip 2 years ago – the little girl in the pink shirt was one of my favorites and that group of boys were always so interested in what we were doing every day and helped me with my Spanish. What a great reminder that having “more” does not equal knowing more or being “better”. I truly loved every day that I spent with the people in that community.

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